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Oldtimer Klassik

Dear friends and restorers of Classic Cars,

Twenty years ago a Bavarian classic car specialist has moved to the Czech Republic. At the beginning of the 90s we realised what it meant to restore classic cars in the Czech Republic | consumables, spare parts... Everything had to be imported. Quality standards of the "West"? A joke!

It was difficult to instill those standards to the excellent craftsmen and subcontractors whom we were working with. 
But it was worth it!

The owner of Oldtimer-Klassik s.r.o. CZ has more than 35 years of experience in the restoration business. While being a student of mechanical engineering at the beginning of the eighties , he restored a Jaguar E S1 FHC and a Mk 2 Jaguar. He then founded the company "British Classic and Sports Cars" in Ingolstadt, Germany, carrying out high quality restorations. By the middle nineties he started a new business in the Czech Republic.

In 2000 he founded Oldtimer-Klassik s.r.o. CZ in Hradec Karlove, Czech Republic. By then, Johannes Schilcher had finished his studies of mechanical engineering. With all the experience accumulated over the years in the German and Czech restoration trade, the company is up to almost any task you can meet during a classic car restoration.

We offer complete restorations of pre-war and post-war cars

Jaguar, SS, Audi, Horch, Porsche, Triumph, MG, Austin Healey, Mercedes Benz, Aston Martin, BMW, Cadillac, Chevrolet etc.

Partial restorations, spare parts and other services

If you do not want a complete restoration, then we can help you in many areas of work, for example:

  • manufacture of bodies in steel and aluminium
  • paintwork
  • refreshing your paintwork, smart repairs
  • re-trimming and refreshing of your trim
  • chrome plating
  • polishing
  • zinc plating
  • powder coating
  • sandblasting
  • restoration of small parts
  • manufacture of spare parts in small batches
  • Jaguar C-Type spare parts
  • Jaguar Parts, s/h and new
  • sale of trimming materials
  • repair of cooler

No matter what task you present us with, we will certainly find a way to assist you to put your classic car into perfect condition.
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