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Complete Production Replicas Jaguar XKSS

Legendary Jaguar XKSS again in production.

Technical specifications of Jaguar XKSS

Only 16 XKSS cars were made and one of them was owned by famous Hollywood actor Steve McQueen. Now you can buy one for yourself!

Original 1950s Jaguar XKSS was completely unassembled and copied so that a perfect replica could be made. Our company offers several types of Jaguar XKSS construction. We offer aluminum body of Jaguar “construction set” or a complete car.

Bodywork and chassis
Hand-made aluminum bodywork based on original specifications and designs modified for the original RHD variant and also for LHD variant. Reinforced front truss frame from Jaguar E-type modified for use for Jaguar XKSS, ready to use mechanical components from Jaguar E-type. Rear part of bodywork is modified to use rear axle from Jaguar E-type.
Aluminum front part of hood – “short nose” – fitted with aluminum bumpers made according to the original ones, polished to a high gloss. Windscreen frame is made of aluminum, fitted with Pilkingtom safety windshield. All other parts such as side screens, handles, roof etc. are made according to original specifications.

Interior is based on the original design and authentic materials by English producers are used. According to customer’s wishes, the interior can also be customized, for example according Steve McQueen’s specifications.

Engine and gearbox
Jaguar XKSS replica can be fitted with six-cylinder Jaguar engine – 3.4L, 3.8L or 4.2L.

All engines are equipped with Weber carburettors. The car can be fitted with all-aluminum engine Jaguar XK type with dry sump which was used in original cars.

Gearbox – four gears or a modern five gear model for better comfortable gear shifting and better dynamics of driving. Limited slip differential is modified according to the gearbox type, or customer’s wish.

Axles and driving
Front trapezoidal axle with suspension torsion bars and Koni shock absorbers used from Jaguar E-type. Rack and pinion steering. Rear axle IRS from Jaguar E-type with limited slip differential and Koni shock absorbers. Front and rear disc brakes with booster.
We are able to configure any construction stage of Jaguar XKSS, from supplying the bodywork itself to a precise racing Jaguar XKSS replica with all original accessories, engine and a dry sump.

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