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Complete Renovation of Classic Cars

We offer our customers first class restorations. It begins with a detailed offer for the work to be carried out and ends with the handing over of a comprehensive photo documentation when the customer picks up his vehicle.

Following is an outline of the process of a full restoration


  • Arrival of the vehicle
  • Input control, photo documentation
  • Disassembly of the vehicle, recording of all spare parts  required, photo documentation
  • Overhaul of the rolling chassis before the body goes to the panel beaters
  • Repair of the bodywork, the body is mounted  to the repaired chassis, the panel beater has all the parts he needs to fit the body, eg. bumpers, locks, lights, lights, hood frame, etc.. Time for a complete body restoration is about 12 weeks, depending on the vehicle
  • Painting: The body is stiffened if necessary and is lifted from the chassis. Now the  painters get the outer and inner body and  the underside into perfect condition. A paint job takes 6 to 8 weeks
  • While the body is in the paint shop the small parts are being restored: the chrome trim except the parts which are needed by the body and paint shop for trial fitting (those are re-chromed afterwards). All necessary spare parts are ordered or manufactured. The trimmers are working on the interior trim already, engine and transmission are being overhauled and so on
  • While the body is being painted, the chassis is finally being assembled
  • After the painting  the body is fitted to the finished chassis and final assembly begins
  • After about 3 - 4 months the final assembly is finished

After about 1000 km of test driving the vehicle can be delivered to the customer with a complete documentation and photographic record of the restoration.

A number of  vehicles restored by us are at exhibition at AUDI`s “Museum Mobile"  in Ingolstadt. We have many content customers from Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Great Britain.

In the Photo Gallery of restorations you get an overview of some vehicles restored by us.

Detailed examples

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