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EZ Electric Power Steering

Enjoy driving your classic car but do you (or your partner) find the steering to be too heavy?

All lovers of classic cars are undoubtedly enjoying the moments when they can boast with their polished classic cars. But they certainly would like to welcome handling with their cars easier and they would be apprecitated easier driving. We can offer you a solution.
Would you like to enjoy this without changing the steering characteristics of the your car? 
YES, it is possible with an Electric Power Steering - EZ Power Steering, which is very popular, proven and tested in another places in the world too.
EZ Electric Power Steering develops a bespoke metal mounting frame for each type of car we convert.
EZ Electric Power Steering uses an electronic power steering (EPS) a system, that is placed into modern cars.
When we install the EZ system, we use CNC laser cut bespoke brackets designed to fit the original mounting points of your car. As no holes are drilled, with no cutting or welding to the chassis or body, the car can always be converted back to its original steering column. Under the bonnet there are no changes, everything remains as original. The advantages of an electrical system opposed to a hydraulic system are numerous.

The electric motor only uses power when steering assistance is necessary whilst a hydraulic pump is continously operating when the engine is running.
A hydraulic setup generally uses around 4 bhp and therefore consumes extra fuel, even when driving straight ahead.

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